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This is My Downtown- Brant Stereo

For the past 48 years, Brant Stereo has been a mainstay in Downtown Brantford. John O’Neill, who grew up in Eagle Place, started the store in 1973 with just $500, and the core principle he continues to live by, “good product, better price.”

📺 Whether the supplier is Sony, Denon, NAD, LG, Samsung, or Bluesound, O’Neill offers many years of honesty and expertise in the audiovisual world. 🔊

“I have a big advantage – knowledge. I know about every product I sell. The oldest stores in the marketplace are the ones that carry the best names in the business,” said O’Neill.

Fortunately, his positive reputation in the community, genuine care for his customers, and implementation of safety measures early on contributed to him maintaining steady business throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

🤗 Knowing people were feeling apprehensive, he chose to act early and swiftly to provide a shopping environment that is as safe as possible. He offered free safety kits that included a small bottle of hand sanitizer, gloves, disinfectant wipes, and a mask to all who entered.

He has been happy to help his customers upgrade their home audiovisuals throughout the pandemic. As people were unable to travel, many traded in vacations and activities for home renovations, including upgrading their audiovisual systems.

“Usually a lot of families go away in the summer, but since they can’t, they’re upgrading their homes. So the money they would have spent on vacation is now going towards home renovations which often include a new TV, for example.”

As a downtown staple, O’Neill is looking forward to sharing his extensive audiovisual knowledge and help customers find the perfect setup for their homes.