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This is My Downtown- The Viper Den

Nikole Beda, Owner of The Viper Den


At The Viper Den on Colborne Street #DowntownBrantford, customers sharing their nostalgic stories of concerts 🎟️ and meeting musicians are in endless supply. This recently opened record store is home to a healthy selection of used and new vinyl, satisfying customers who are eager to dig through a bin or two of vinyl in search of a hidden gem. 💎🎶

For the owner, Nikole Beda, hearing the stories is one of the best parts of owning a record store.

“There’s a very special light in a person’s eyes when they talk about the music they love. Music is one of the most powerful things in the entire world. It can bring people together. It gets you through happy times, sad times, and angry times.”

The idea to open The Viper Den was born out of a conversation between co-workers at Nikole’s other business venture, The Herbology Company, where they make handmade artisanal bath and body products. In the middle of reminiscing and expressing their sadness for the closure of their favourite downtown #recordstore, Forch’s, a light bulb went off. Since there was room for two storefronts in one location, Nikole was able to open The Viper Den, beside her current business.

“I always wanted to open a record store like in #EmpireRecords, one of my favourite movies from the 1990s. I may not be Joe, and this may not be The Empire, but we have started something great here and nothing beats coming to work every day and actually having a good time while you are there,” said Nikole.

Embraced by the local community, Nikole says she thrilled to be a part of a large group of people that care about breathing life back into downtown Brantford. Nikole commits to regularly promoting the downtown through social media and is always looking for partnership opportunities with local business owners and artists.

“There’s a lot of good going on down here. With the support of our community, we can find our way back to a beautiful, vibrant downtown.”

The Viper Den is located at 323 Colborne Street West in Brantford, Ontario. Be sure to check it out on your search for vinyl.